Pink Quartz Bar Necklace

I design and create wearable, affordable pieces with a touch of fun and colour for those who love unique over mass produced.

I began working with silver around 15 years ago, beginning with an evening class. Pretty quickly I was making pieces as gifts, then pieces for friends and family to gift and so it all began.


Every silver charm is hand modelled in fine silver. Fine silver contains 99.9% silver, sterling silver is 92.5%. I don’t use moulds, casts or cutters as I like the idea that every piece is truly unique – no two are ever the same.

Silver bead and freshwater pearl earrings

You’ll spot some distinctive silver beads in some of my work. These are all handmade, I recycle the scrap silver from other pieces.

Stone Pieces
I love working with colour and have introduced a range of stone bar necklaces using all kinds of stones from delicate pink sapphires to chunky nuggets of rough topaz.

Rough stones are great to use, every stone is unique – if you see a piece you like snap it up! It’s very unlikely i’ll be able to make one the same.

Necklaces and earring findings are all 925 silver.